Pornography, cyberbullying, and internet regulation – Eoin O’Dell

7 08 2013 PollThe image, right, shows the result of a poll on The which ran last Tuesday: the question was whether Ireland follow the UK’s lead in blocking online porn? And the results show a slight majority (54%) against doing so. This comes in the wake of proposals from UK Prime Minister David Cameron to compel internet service providers to block pornographic material by default. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland, Open justice and access to court documents: a footnote – Eoin O’Dell

10 06 2013

stlcourtdocs2Article 34.1 of the Constitution provides that “Justice … shall be administered in public“. By way of footnote to my earlier post on Open justice and access to court documents comes the decision of Hogan J in Allied Irish Bank plc v Tracey (No 2) [2013] IEHC 242 (21 March 2013). The applicant had been mentioned in affidavits filed by the defendant in the main action, and took this motion to have access to those affidavits. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland: I will always know what you did last Summer, Mr Cowen – Eoin O’Dell

29 01 2013

Mail apology to Cowen, via @davidcochraneThe image is a thumbnail of an apology printed in yesterday’s Irish Mail on Sunday; click through for a full-size twitpic by David Cochrane. It is headed “Brian Cowen”, and it consists of four paragraph. The first paragraph (which consists of a single sentence) begins by referring to their story of Cowen’s attendance at the Executive Education Programme at Stanford University which has been the subject of three earlier posts (here, here and here) on this blog, speculating as to the strength of Cowen’s possible complaint to the Press Council of Ireland and the Office of the Press Ombudsman that article invaded his privacy. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland: I still know what you did last Summer, Mr Cowen – Eoin O’Dell

25 01 2013

Photo of Artwork at StanfordThis image, by Corey Seeman on Flickr, is the Monument to your Future Collaborators, on the pavement outside the Knight Management Center in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, where Brian Cowen attended the Executive Education Programme last Summer. Cowen probably walked past it, if not over it, several times. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland: I know what you did last Summer, Mr Cowen – Eoin O’Dell

20 01 2013

PCI_PO_logoBrian Cowen served as Taoiseach (Prime Minister of Ireland) from 2008 to 2011. He did not stand for re-election as a TD (MP) in 2011.

I know what you did last Summer, Mr Cowen, and in fact we all know what you did last Summer, Mr Cowen, because the the Irish Mail on Sunday reported on your enrollment in the Executive Education Programme at Stanford University in California. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland: And the dance goes on – Eoin O’Dell

3 11 2012

Dance at Bougival by Renoir via WikipediaIn my previous post, I discussed a temporary injunction obtained by music promoter David Kavanagh to prevent the sale of Melanie Verwoerd’s memoir When We Dance. The book charts her Afrikaner upbringing, her marriage to the grandson of an architect of apartheid, her anti-apartheid involvement with the African National Congress, her time as South African ambassador to Ireland and as head of UNICEF Ireland, and her relationship with celebrity DJ Gerry Ryan until his unexpected death on the night of 29 April 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

Ireland: When ‘we dance’ to the High Court for an injunction – Eoin O’Dell

13 10 2012

Cover of Melanie Werwoerd 'When We Dance&'  via Liberties Press websiteI have written before on this blog about prior restraints and temporary and permanent injunctions in defamation cases. Not long after the South African Constitutional Court effectively outlawed prior restraint in that jurisdiction (see Print Media South Africa v Minister of Home Affairs [2012] ZACC 22 (28 September 2012); blogged here), I learn that on Wednesday 10 October 2012 Gilligan J in the High Court in Ireland granted temporary injunctions to prevent the sale of a memoir written by the South African partner of a deceased celebrity Irish DJ (cover right): Read the rest of this entry »

Fighting anonymity with anonymity: open justice and cyberbullying – Eoin O’Dell

9 10 2012

Stop Cyberbulling logo, via WikipediaSay you are a 15-year old girl. What would you do if you find a fake Facebook profile which contains a photograph of you, a slightly modified version of your name and other particulars which identified you, which discusses your physical appearance and weight in derogatory terms, and which includes scandalous sexual commentary about you?  First, you’d contact Facebook, to have the fake profile taken down and to identify the IP address associated with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: We need a Privacy Bill in Ireland, just not this one – Eoin O’Dell

22 09 2012

Image of Examiner op-edThe drumbeats for privacy legislation can once again be heard around Leinster House. I did a radio interview with Matt Cooper on Today FM’s The Last Word and I had an op-ed about it in the Irish Examiner: Read the rest of this entry »

Political Broadcasting in Ireland – Eoin O’Dell

17 07 2012

BAI logoThe Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) is the body responsible for the regulation of broadcasting in Ireland, and two of its recent decisions raise the same question of whether a power provided to it by the Broadcasting Act, 2009 (also here) is consistent with the right to freedom of expression protected by the Irish Constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights. Read the rest of this entry »


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