Hacked Off: Three Important Recent Developments in relation to Press Regulation

28 06 2014

opinion_pollThe news this week has been dominated by the verdicts in the phone hacking trial at the Old Bailey.  But there have been three important developments this week in relation to press regulation which have not received much in the way of media coverage. Read the rest of this entry »

Hislop, Coogan and the question of who really stands for free expression – Brian Cathcart

24 06 2014

Coogan HislopIan Hislop and his Private Eye colleague Francis Wheen have resigned as patrons of Index on Censorship in protest at the appointment of Steve Coogan, apparently on the grounds that Coogan’s association with Hacked Off makes him an enemy of free expression. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked Off: Response to the appointment of Sir Alan Moses as IPSO Chair

29 04 2014

Sir Alan MosesThe newspaper industry’s PCC replacment body, IPSO announced today [doc] that it had appointed Sir Alan Moses as its first chair.  Responding to the appointment, the Executive Director of Hacked Off, Professor Brian Cathcart said: Read the rest of this entry »

Hearing no evil: the IPSO panel covers its ears – Brian Cathcart

27 02 2014

Sir Hayden PhillipsHaving refused to meet Hacked Off, Sir Hayden Phillips, the man in charge of appointments to the big press groups’ planned son-of-PCC, now wants to opt out of email correspondence with Hacked Off and victims of press abuses. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked Off: How the Telegraph, Mail and Times have helped reduce press freedom in the UK – Evan Harris

19 02 2014

TimesTelegraph GuardianMail GuardianThe organisation Reporters Without Borders produces an annual World Press Freedom Index ranking pretty much every country in the world for the degree of freedom enjoyed by its press. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked Off: How PCC ‘resolutions’ resolve things for the editors and not the public

15 02 2014

PCCIf you complain to the Press Complaints Commission (soon to be rebranded as IPSO), one of the least likely consequences is that the Commissioners will adjudicate on the question of whether you are right and the Code has been breached, and if so what the paper should do to make amends. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked Off: The Daily Mail- PCC Code Breacher Of The Year

13 02 2014

mail_leveson_frontWhen the publishers of the Daily Mail saw a chart showing that theirs was by far the most complained-about paper in 2013, they took exception. The chart, they said, gave a “wildly inaccurate” picture of the number of Mail stories “about which the PCC received valid complaints”. Read the rest of this entry »

Hacked Off: How the PCC helps the Daily Mail and others avoid censure

11 02 2014

PCCEd-Miliband-Daily-MailAfter the Press Complaints Commission chair, Lord Hunt, and its director, Michael McManus, struggled to answer MPs’ questions last month about the most complained-about newspapers, we published our own table based on the PCC’s own Monthly Complaint Summaries for 2013. Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: It is the press bosses, Mrs Miller, who are being destructive – Brian Cathcart

19 12 2013

Maria MillerMaria Miller, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, has attacked Hacked Off in Parliament. She did not mince her words. In her view we are ‘quite a destructive force’, ‘deeply unhelpful’ and we ‘created a great deal of bad will’. Read the rest of this entry »

Time for the newspaper bosses to listen – Brian Cathcart

31 10 2013

Newspaper standHacked Off has pointed out many times recently that the big newspaper groups are isolated and in denial. One of the most striking aspects of their present position is that there seems to be nobody to whom they will listen. Read the rest of this entry »


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