Opinion: “Met’s application against the Guardian: time to define the public interest” – Brian Cathcart [Updated]

18 09 2011

Let us try for a moment to see the actions of the Metropolitan Police in relation to apparent leaks of information to the Guardian from the point of view of senior police officers. Read the rest of this entry »


News: “Measuring the Information Society” and other Internet and Social Media Statistics

18 09 2011

The International Telecommunications Union (“ITU”) has recently published its 2011 Report “Measuring the Information Society“.  This looks at two key indicators for information and communication technology (“ICT”) a development index (IDI) and and a price basket (“IPB”).   The purpose of these indices is to capture the level of ICT development in 152 economies worldwide.  The IPB combines fixed telephone, mobile cellular and fixed broadband Internet tariffs for 165 economies into one measure – which takes into account average income in each country. Read the rest of this entry »