Missed opportunities: how Lords see the future of investigative journalism – Martin Moore

16 02 2012

Not so foolish these Lords of ours. As inquiries were starting left, right and centre into newspaper malpractice following the phone hacking revelations last July, the Lords recognised there was a need for some balance, particularly from Parliament. So they wisely decided to go against the grain and announce an inquiry into the future of investigative journalism. Read the rest of this entry »

The Sun, Press Freedom and the “Freedom of Speech League Table”

16 02 2012

The arrest of five “Sun” employees at the weekend produced a pugnacious response from its former political editor, Trevor Kavanagh.  The online version of the article was entitled “Witch-hunt has put us behind ex-Soviet states on Press freedom“.   As Julian Petley pointed out in his post on Tuesday, the “Sun” has long supported increased police powers and “decisive action” against suspected criminals.  But, it now turns out that these views are tempered by concerns about proportionality and civil liberties. Read the rest of this entry »


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