Lord McAlpine and libel reform – Gavin Phillipson

15 11 2012

Condemnation of the BBC over the Newsnight report linking child abuse allegations to a former senior Tory politician has been savage and universal. Journalists, pundits and politicians confess themselves shocked and horrified that programme could fall so far below the standards of professional journalism expected at the BBC. The BBC, which had not actually named Lord McAlpine, promptly published an apology and full retraction, but McAlpine may still sue for libel. Read the rest of this entry »

Who is talking about statutory CONTROL of the Press – Mike Jempson

15 11 2012

It was inevitable that the bullyboys of the newspaper industry would campaign under a spurious banner of press freedom against any attempt by Lord Justice Leveson or politicians to clip their wings.  It is a pity that the Press Gazette chose to give succour to their ‘case’ with an equally spurious poll – no more accurate or scientific than those run by The Sun, Daily Express and Daily Mail to feed prejudice and discrimination. Read the rest of this entry »


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