A Defence of Responsible Tweeting? – Paul Bernal

24 11 2012

One of the many issues to emerge as a result of the McAlpine saga is the question of how vulnerable users of social media like twitter might be under defamation law.  Lord McAlpine is reported to be planning to sue up to 10,000 twitter users – and some famous individuals have already been named as among them: George Monbiot, Sally Bercow and Alan Davies.  Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: Revenge of the Evil Empire and why I’m backing Darth Vader: my case against statutory newspaper regulation – Charlie Beckett

24 11 2012

It seems that like cockroaches, British newspapers can survive the nuclear explosion of phone-hacking, plummeting sales, vapourised advertising revenue,  a variety of police investigations leading to multiple arrests, and the most searing, gob-smackingly revelatory investigation of their practice, ethics and purpose by a judge. Read the rest of this entry »


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