The Mail on Sunday and giving the Press “One Last Chance”

25 11 2012

As the date of publication of the Leveson report approaches the self-interested spin machine of the popular press is going into overdrive. Today’s “Mail on Sunday” headline was “Cameron set to defy Leveson on law to allow state-controlled press… for now.”  The story, attributed to “senior sources”, was to the effect that the Prime Minister was Read the rest of this entry »

Opinion: The Real World Strikes Back, why Charlie Beckett is wrong about statute and regulation – Hugh Tomlinson QC

25 11 2012

In a powerful piece on this blog, Charlie Beckett has argued strongly against what he calls “statutory newspaper regulation” and, with evident reluctance, has backed the “evil empire” of the British press. In this post I will argue that he is unrealistic and wrong. Read the rest of this entry »


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