Law and Media Round Up – 26 November 2012

26 11 2012

The news of the week is that Leveson will report on 29 November 2012. A copy of the report will be available to download from the Inquiry website once it has been officially published. There has been a huge amount of comment in anticipation of his findings: for a small selection see: Steven Barnett in the Times Higher Education; Robert Peston at the BBC (who refreshingly admits “the defining characteristic of my knowledge of the Leveson report is that I don’t know very much“); Richard Ackland in the Sydney Morning Herald; further backlash at the Mail; and a Guardian editorial calling for “a small number of key changes” to the Hunt-Black plan. Professor Stewart Purvis has a 70 word summary here. Read the rest of this entry »

Internet Libel, Part 1: What makes it Different? – Ashley Hurst

26 11 2012

Despite the growing number of internet libel cases in recent years, most of the debate around libel reform has concerned the chilling effect of UK libel laws on the newspaper industry. However, there is perhaps a greater chilling effect happening as a result of European intermediary liability laws, which have led to internet intermediaries removing defamatory content without a great deal of scrutiny. At the same time, many genuine victims of online defamation are being left without a remedy due to the challenges of taking action against anonymous users. Read the rest of this entry »


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