News: Jailed “internet research” contempt juror’s case goes to Strasbourg

4 12 2013

Attorney GeneralThe case of Theodora Dallas, the juror found to be in contempt of court after conducting online research, is now being considered by the European Court of Human Rights. She was found guilty of contempt and sentenced to 6 months imprisonment ([2012] EWHC 156 (Admin)). She subsequently applied to the Court of Human Rights which has now communicated the case to the UK government. Read the rest of this entry »


Phone Hacking Trial and Social Media: Reports and Resources

4 12 2013

Phone-hacking trial defendantsThe Old Bailey “phone hacking” trial of eight defendants on seven charges is about to begin its sixth week.  It involves issues of great public importance concerning the press.  The trial has been well covered in a number of newspapers but the most striking feature of the first five weeks has been the coverage on social media.  This has become the first great trial of the social media era. Read the rest of this entry »