The press and NGOs’ right of access to official documents: strict scrutiny in the Court of Human Rights – Dirk Voorhoof and Rónán Ó Fathaigh

6 12 2013

Tyrol-Austria-austria-31748795-500-375In its judgment of 28 November 2013 in the case of Österreichische Vereinigung zur Erhaltung, Stärkung und Schaffung eines wirtschaftlich gesunden land- und forstwirt­schaftlichen Grundbesitzes v. Austria (OVESSG) the European Court of Human Rights has further clarified and expanded the scope of application of Article 10 of the Convention with regard to the right of access to public documents.  The judgment is especially supportive for requests by journalists and NGOs to have access to official documents. Read the rest of this entry »


Phone hacking and bribery: justice and journalism both on trial – Nicholas Jones

6 12 2013

Independent Justice on trial 30 10 2013 reducedAs the prosecution continues to present its evidence at the Old Bailey in the case alleging phone hacking and the bribing of public officials, it is becoming increasingly clear that not only is British justice on trial but also journalism itself. Read the rest of this entry »