Media Plurality: Why media ownership limits are practical, beneficial and essential to restore democratic integrity – Justin Schlosberg

15 12 2013

Justin SchlosbergIn response to my brief on media ownership limits, Rob Kenny helpfully moves the discussion forward by questioning some of the claims and detail in that brief. Before offering my response in kind, it is important to make clear Rob’s interest as a member of the Communications Chambers, which includes News Corporation among their list of clients, particularly as much of his arguments are made with a focus on Rupert Murdoch’s news assets. Read the rest of this entry »


Phone Hacking Trial: Updated Resources – Online Reports, Links and Live Tweets

15 12 2013

Phone Hacking TrialThe Old Bailey “phone hacking” trial is about to begin its eighth week.  There are now seven defendants facing a total of seven charges.  The trial receives intermittent coverage in most newspapers but continues to receive excellent coverage online.  The purpose of this post is to update our earlier post on the available online trial coverage. Read the rest of this entry »