News: Mexican Attorney Aurora Pierdant receives apology and libel damages from the Guardian – Persephone Bridgman Baker

10 05 2017

A Statement in Open Court [pdf] has been read on behalf of Ms Aurora Pierdant, an experienced lawyer practising in Mexico, who alongside her brother, Ricardo Pierdant, received a public apology, libel damages and costs after an inaccurate and defamatory article was published in the Guardian on 9 August 2016. Read the rest of this entry »


Ireland: Blasphemy is in the news again; it should be removed from the Constitution, as the Constitutional Convention recommended – Eoin O’Dell

10 05 2017

The Irish Independent reported last week that the Gardaí (the Irish police) had launched a blasphemy probe into comments made by Stephen Fry on the television show The Meaning of LifeRead the rest of this entry »