Case Law, Australia: Vakras v Cripps, Artists’ appeal upheld, record verdict set aside and re-trial ordered – Justin Castelan

9 08 2015

Victoria Supreme CourtIn 2014, a gallery owner, Raymond Cripps was awarded a record $420,000 defamation verdict in the Victorian Supreme Court. The verdict was made by His Honour Justice Kyrou against two surrealist artists, Demetrios Vakras and Lee-Anne Raymond. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: The media law year in review, defamation – Peter Bartlett

17 07 2015

gazetteOver the past twelve months, the judiciary has made life very difficult for the media and, in particular, in the following areas: Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: Hockey’s defamation suit shows need for wider free speech debate – David Rolph

5 07 2015

Joe Hockey Treasurer for SaleTreasurer Joe Hockey’s decision to sue Fairfax Media for defamation over the now-notorious front-page story “Treasurer for sale” raises interesting questions about politicians suing to protect their reputation, allied with the protection of freedom of speech in Australia. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law, Australia: Hockey v Fairfax Media, Joe Hockey awarded $200,000 over malicious poster and tweets – Yvonne Kux

3 07 2015

gazetteIn a judgment handed down on 30 June 2015 ([2015] FCA 652), the Federal Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has been awarded damages totalling $200,000 over a poster and two tweets which accused him of “corruptly soliciting and accepting payments to influence his decisions as Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Australia”. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law, Australia: Dr Bruce Flegg v Graeme Hallett, Massive damages for career destroying political defamation – Yvonne Kux

28 06 2015

gazetteIn the case of Flegg v Hallett ([2015] QSC 167 [pdf]) the former Queensland Minister for Housing and Public Works, Bruce Flegg, has been awarded damages totalling $775,000 over malicious comments made at a press conference and in a radio interview by his ex-media adviser, Graeme Hallett. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law, Australia: Gabriella Piscioneri v Anthony Brisciani, Online discussion forum defamation damages of $82,000 – Alexi Polden

14 06 2015

gazetteIn the case of Piscioneri v Brisciani ([2015] ACTSC 106), the Australian Capital Territory Supreme Court found that the owner and administrator of online forumZGeek is liable for discussion on it, and awarded $82,000 damages to a lawyer defamed on the site. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law, Australia: Jeffrey and Curnow v Giles, Crushed rock damages award increased on appeal – Justin Castelan

6 06 2015

casacirJeffrey and Curnow were defamed by statements made by Virginia Giles on a website in 2011. The plaintiffs were directors of a company, Casacir Pty Ltd, which operates a quarry in the south of Victoria. The defendant’s company owned the neighbouring property and the defendant planned to retire there. So when the plaintiff applied for a permit to use the land as a quarry, the defendant objected and there was a hearing at VCAT about that. The defendant lost and the quarry was allowed. Read the rest of this entry »


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