Blame the victim? Domestic violence as covered in The Sun and The Guardian – Michele Lloyd and Shulamit Ramon

26 11 2016

image-20161122-11012-15asg9rDomestic violence is an enduring problem in the UK: an average of two women a week continue to be killed by their current or former partner. It’s a widespread and important story, and – like all news media – newspapers make a decision about how to report this issue. Read the rest of this entry »

The Telegraph and Daily Mail seem to just copy The Sun’s family law reporting mistakes – Family Court Reporting Watch

24 11 2016

papers_1523485c“LEGAL AID FURY Woman fed boy, 3, poison while plotting to take him to see ISIS jihadi father in Syria but was given public cash in battle to keep any alleged terror connections secret: Taxpayer-funded legal aid went on lawyers representing her as she tried to stop Scotland Yard gaining access to her files”  lead the Sun on Sunday headline. Read the rest of this entry »

Lego vs Daily Mail strikes at paper’s weak spot: its advertising revenue – John Jewell

15 11 2016

legoPerhaps providing a welcome diversion to all the apocalyptic press reaction following the election of Donald Trump is the news that Lego, the Danish manufacturer of plastic bricks, has announced its intention to cease advertising in the Daily Mail. Read the rest of this entry »

What really makes something ‘offensive’? – Ranjana Das and Anne Graefer

12 11 2016

The cartoons in French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo offended many people. And as a result of the terrible actions taken by a handful of those people who took offence, which resulted in the murder of 12 people, Charlie Hebdo has become a case study for the significance and meaning of “offensiveness”. Read the rest of this entry »

The rule of law and press freedom – Lawrence McNamara

8 11 2016

daily-mail-brexit-judges-front-pageWhen some media coverage of last week’s High Court decision pitched judges as enemies or opponents of the people, the Lord Chancellor’s initial silence attracted, hour by hour, a louder chorus of demands that she speak up in defence of the judiciary.   Read the rest of this entry »

News: Open Letter in response to Mail’s targeting of foreign drivers

4 11 2016

mail021116A cross section of over 50 faith leaders, civil society leaders and other leading figures have signed a joint letter to Paul Dacre, editor of the Daily Mail, in response to the paper’s divisive reporting on dangerous driving this week, which targeted ‘foreign’ truckers.  Read the rest of this entry »

Enemies of the people: MPs and press gang up on the constitution over High Court Brexit ruling – Gavin Phillipson

4 11 2016

daily-mail-brexit-judges-front-pageSome of the reaction to the Article 50 judgment in the High Court is frankly frightening. Do pro-Brexit politicians and journalists attach any value at all to what we call the “rule of law” or the “independence of the judiciary”? Or are they out simply to bully the court’s judges and whip up hatred against them? Read the rest of this entry »