Law and Media Round Up – 24 October 2016

24 10 2016

weekly-news-roundupThe ‘Fake Sheik’ Mazher Mahmood was sentenced this week for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.  The judge’s sentencing remarks have been made available. Mr Mahmood was jailed for 15 months. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Comment: R (Ingenious Media Holdings plc and another) v Commissioners for Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, HMRC “Off the Record” briefing was a breach of confidence – Dan Tench

21 10 2016

ingenious-group-255x90In the case of R (Ingenious Media) v HMRC ([2016] UKSC 54) UK Supreme Court held that information provided by taxpayers to HMRC is confidential and that HMRC acted unlawfully by disclosing such information to journalists. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: AB Bank v Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Court refuses to permit service of Norwich Pharmacal order out of jurisdiction – David Whitehead

20 10 2016

ab-bankIn AB Bank Ltd v Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC ([2016]EWHC 2082 (Comm)), Teare J set aside a Norwich Pharmacal Order (“NPO”) made against a bank in the UAE on the basis that the court had no jurisdiction to serve the order on the bank out of the jurisdiction because none of the permitted jurisdictional gateways under Practice Direction 6B to the Civil Procedure Rules were applicable. Read the rest of this entry »

Small steps in the struggle for digital rights? – Paul Bernal

18 10 2016

jeremy-corbynWhen Jeremy Corbyn launched his ‘Digital Democracy Manifesto’ at the end of August, he may not have inspired, but he was at least attempting to get to grips with something that really matters: how governments should deal with the internet. Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up – 17 October 2016

17 10 2016

weekly-roundup-400x200On Thursday 13 October 2015 the Press Recognition Panel published its first “Annual Report on the Recognition System” [pdf].  It concluded that urgent action was required and that section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act should be commenced. We had a post about this. Read the rest of this entry »

The Pilling Review of IPSO: An exercise in futility – Martin Moore

12 10 2016

pilling-reportIf the Pilling Review [pdf] was the industry’s attempt to give IPSO some legitimacy then it has backfired.

The review was set up by IPSO, paid for by IPSO, and had terms of reference agreed with IPSO, in order to assess the independence and effectiveness of IPSO. In that sense its purpose was compromised before it had even begun. Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up – 10 October 2016

10 10 2016

final-logo_weekly_roundup1The most widely reported media law story of the week was the conviction of the so-called “Fake Sheikh”, Mazher Mahmood, for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. Read the rest of this entry »