Your next social network could pay you for posting – Jelena Dzakula

7 02 2017

moneyYou may well have found this article through Facebook. An algorithm programmed by one of the world’s biggest companies now partially controls what news reaches 1.8 billion people. And this algorithm has come under attack for censorship, political bias and for creating bubbles that prevent people from encountering ideas they don’t already agree with. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia: lnternet publication, liability and context – Dr David Rolph

4 02 2017

gazetteThe recent Victorian Court of Appeal judgment involving Google illustrates the complexity inherent in applying defamation law to internet publication … Sydney media law academic Dr David Rolph explains why context is paramount.

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Internet legal developments to look out for in 2017 – Graham Smith

22 01 2017

internetA preview of some of the UK internet legal developments that we can expect in 2017. Any proposed EU legislation will be subject to Brexit considerations and so may never happen in the UK. Read the rest of this entry »

The Facebook Ireland cases: Intermediary Liability and Defences under the E-Commerce Regulations, Part 2, Comment – Aidan Wills

21 01 2017

e-commerceThe liability of information society services (“ISS”) , such as social media companies, and the scope of defences under the 2002 Regulations/e-Commerce Directive is a matter of increasing importance. Read the rest of this entry »

The Facebook Ireland cases: Intermediary Liability and defences under the E-Commerce Regulations, Part 1, the Judgments – Aidan Wills

20 01 2017

FacebookThe courts in Northern Ireland have handed down two important judgments on the civil liability of social media companies for content posted by users. The Court of Appeal in Northern Ireland’s long-awaited decision in CG v Facebook Ireland & McCloskey [2016] NICA 54 arose from privacy, harassment and data protection claims brought by a convicted sex offender on the basis of information posted on Facebook (Inforrm published an earlier post about this case here). Read the rest of this entry »

We need European regulation of Facebook and Google – Leighton Andrews

23 12 2016

google-and-facebookOver the weekend, Facebook sent me a link to a video they had made of my activity on their site over the last year. To my mind, that was more proof, if any were needed, that Facebook is a media company, despite all its protestations. Read the rest of this entry »

With the Threat of Fake News, Will Social Media Platforms Become More Media Companies and Forsake Legal Protections? – Ed Klaris and Alexia Bedat

21 12 2016

FacebookIn the wake of the fake news scandals of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, social media platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat are increasingly being held to standards expected of media, rather than tech, companies. Fact-checkers and editors are entering the scene, raising the question whether social media platforms will continue to be passive Internet service providers, or content providers, or perhaps more of a hybrid.  Read the rest of this entry »