Case Law, Strasbourg: Selmani and Ors v. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: influential judgment on press galleries and parliamentary reporting – Jonathan McCully

15 02 2017

selmaniOn 9 February 2017, the European Court of Human Rights handed down an important judgment in Selmani and Ors v. The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Application No. 67259/14), a case that considers the forcible removal of journalists from a parliamentary press gallery. Read the rest of this entry »

How can justice be “seen to be done” in an online system? – Penelope Gibbs

14 02 2017

rehabilitation-of-offendersThe government is proceeding hell for leather with online justice both in the civil and criminal spheres. This week it published a response to its consultation on aspects of the “Transforming Summary Justice” programme.  Read the rest of this entry »

Espionage and the Law Commission: a reasoned consultation paper which requires a reasoned response

14 02 2017

law-commission-response_0The Law Commission is an independent body – currently chaired by Lord Justice Bean – which examines the present state of the law in various areas and, after consultation, makes proposals for reform.  These are invariably carefully researched, well argued proposals – many of which are, unfortunately, ignored by Governments which do not treat law reform as a legislative priority. Read the rest of this entry »

Northern Ireland: Defamation claims in 2016 – Olivia O’Kane

13 02 2017

Northern IrelandI have now obtained the figures concerning the numbers of defamation cases issued in Northern Ireland in 2016.  These figures are based on a search of the Court’s records for the period 1 January to 31 December 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up – 13 February 2017

13 02 2017

weekly-800x445After many attempts by her to delay the hearing, the libel claim against Ukip MEP, Jane Collins, has finally concluded. She has been ordered to pay more than £160,000 in libel and slander damages, and faces a costs bill of £196,000, after alleging that Rotherham MPs Sir Kevin Barron, John Healey and Sarah Champion knew about child exploitation in the town but did not intervene. Read the rest of this entry »

Brand Beckham will weather the email storm – John Jewell

12 02 2017

beckhamIf nothing else, the David Beckham email scandal has provided some welcome respite from the apparently perpetual news agenda of Trump and Brexit. It seems that the previously pristine and relatively scandal-free (at least in the past decade) sporting icon may not be as golden as his carefully cultivated image might suggest. Read the rest of this entry »

Transparency Project, Reporting Watch: Re X – a trade off between privacy and anonymity?

12 02 2017

masksbygetdownonflickr-1024x675Two judgments have recently been published by Mr Justice Bodey in a financial remedy case. The case is interesting in terms of the law around financial remedies, and from a transparency perspective. Read the rest of this entry »