Case Law: OPO v James Rhodes (formerly MLA): Pianist’s book unbanned, no intention to cause distress – Dan Tench

20 05 2015

InstrumentalThe Supreme Court handed down today its judgment in OPO v MLA ([2015] UKSC 32), the case in which the Court of Appeal had – extraordinarily – granted an injunction to prevent the publication of a book solely on the ground that it might cause psychological harm to the author’s son. In a compelling and comprehensive judgment, the Supreme Court reversed the decision of the Court of Appeal and discharged the injunction. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: OPO v James Rhodes and Canongate, Injunction banning book publication discharged – Lucy Moorman

20 05 2015

RhodesIn its decision in OPO v. James Rhodes ([2015] UKSC 32), the Supreme Court has put the case of Wilkinson v. Downton firmly back in its box, not to be disposed of entirely, but certainly not to be used again against the those in the position of the defendants, the author and pianist James Rhodes and the publisher Canongate.   Read the rest of this entry »

The dangers of social media in the workplace – Aimee Stevens

20 05 2015

Facebook-at-workSocial media can do an immense amount of good but we have also seen what happens when it goes wrong. There have been a wealth of bust ups via Twitter, for instance; JP Morgan being forced to stop a Twitter Q and A session, and the many Twitter troll trials. But what happens when the everyday user takes to social media to talk about work? Read the rest of this entry »

Press regulation: the election issue ignored by the media – Natalie Fenton

19 05 2015

Press regulation dealMaybe it should come as no surprise that, in the aftermath of the hacking scandal and Leveson Inquiry, media policy was an election issue. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party pledged substantive media reforms in their election manifestos. Read the rest of this entry »

Law and Media Round Up – 18 May 2015

18 05 2015

Round New 2On Friday 15 April 2015, former News of the World editor and Downing Street head of communications Andy Coulson, pleaded not guilty to perjury at the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh. Read the rest of this entry »

When to continue an injunction: Kerner v Persons Unknown, Part 2 – Dan Tench

17 05 2015

dantench_avatar_1421406492In Kerner v (1) WX (2) YZ (Persons Unknown), Mr Justice Warby has continued an harassment injunction and ordered disclosure against the DVLA so that the claimants can obtain details which may track down the respondents, a photographer and his associate. Read the rest of this entry »

Data Privacy and Intermediary Liability: Striking a balance between privacy, reputation, innovation and freedom of expression, Part 2 – Ashley Hurst

16 05 2015

ashley profile picThis is the second part of a two part post.  The first part was published on 14 May 2015

Whilst the question of the liability of internet intermediaries for damages is very interesting, in the vast majority of cases, all claimants want is for the damaging material to be removed from the internet.  Read the rest of this entry »


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