News: Melania Trump issues English libel proceedings against the Daily Mail

11 10 2016

melania-trumpMelania Trump, the wife of the controversial US Presidential candidate has issued libel proceedings in London against the Daily Mail over an article it published on 20 August 2016. Read the rest of this entry »

Response from IPSO to a complaint about the Daily Mail – Sarah Phillimore

10 10 2016

daily-mail-spoof-209x300On 6 September 2016 four family lawyers complained to the Daily Mail about their article published on 31 August 2016. We asserted that it seriously misrepresented the views of the President of the Family Division by reporting he considered money spent on lawyers in care proceedings was being ‘squandered’. Read the rest of this entry »

The View from the Daily Mail: Squandering and other lost opportunities – Sarah Phillimore

2 09 2016

Daily_Mail_clock,_closeupIt is always illuminating to run things through the Daily Mail translator. It is a great shame that one of the most widely read newspapers in the UK persists in journalism which at best is click bait, at worst actively dishonest and agenda led. Of particular concern to family lawyers is that agenda currently appears to be an attack on legal aid for parents in care cases. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Mail: “Child killer’s £2m legal aid” Two million things wrong with this headline – Lucy Reed

8 08 2016

Ben ButlerOn 5 August 2016, the The Daily Mail, ran an article about the Ellie Butler case based on Freedom of Information Act requests to the Ministry of Justice. Similar articles appeared elsewhere, for example Huffington Post and The Guardian, all in a similar vein, although perhaps slightly less colourfully expressed than the Mail’s version.  Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Mail reverts to type as media makes sense of Paris atrocities – John Jewell

22 11 2015

You can trust the Daily Mail to lead the race to the bottom and its coverage of the Paris terror attacks was no different. On November 17, while the world was still reeling from the atrocity in which 129 people died and hundreds more were injured, the paper carried a cartoon featuring imagery sickeningly evocative of 1930s anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda. Read the rest of this entry »

Case Law: ZYT v Associated, Tipping the balance, when is it in the public interest to take a look at a “private” relationship? – Kathy May

25 07 2015

Silhouete CoupleThe case of ZYT and another v Associated Newspapers Ltd  ([2015] EWHC 1162 (QB)) was (what is now) a comparatively rare example of an injunction being sought and granted in a privacy claim against a newspaper. Read the rest of this entry »

Daily Mail has attacked the Human Rights Act whilst also seeking to shelter behind it – Brian Cathcart

7 06 2015

Mail Human RightsThe Daily Mail has been reassuring its readers that the delay in the repeal of the Human Rights Act (HRA) will not be indefinite and is just a matter of getting the detail right. “This is going to happen,” it quoted a government source as saying. “We will deliver it – but we are not going to be rushed.” Read the rest of this entry »